Criminal Justice Reform Starts With You

Your support helps us lobby lawmakers to change Texas’ criminal-justice system for the better. Your gift is not tax deductible, but it works harder for you in the political process. 


  • To make day-to-day interactions with police officers safer for everyone;
  • To reduce the incarceration of people who are not dangerous, but instead need help -- people struggling with mental illness, people who need treatment for an addiction, people who can't afford bail but will show up for their court date;
  • To better define the function of police officers, correctional facilities, and criminal-justice laws; 
  • To stop thousands arrests for non-jailable offenses each year. A minor offense should mean a citation, not jail time!
  • To challenge civil asset forfeiture, the process that strips innocent people of their property when they have not been convicted of a crime.

These are a few ways that your contribution aids in reform. Your gift to Just Liberty helps us connect you directly to the process at the Texas Legislature where lawmakers can pass reforms that will return freedom, liberty, dignity, and justice for all.