Act Now: Reduce violence at police-citizen interactions!

Videos of alleged police misconduct and improper shootings have sparked protests and an intense natonal debate over how to hold officers accountable when they violate people's rights. 

Current Texas law authorizes police to use of deadly force in many situations where the suspect does not pose an imminent threat. That must change.

Rep. Senfronia Thompson has filed HB 2044 to require that a suspect pose an imminent threat to the officer or others before police are justified in shooting them. It also closes loopholes in the disciplinary process which let bad cops go unpunished and keep records of misconduct secret.

It is time to reinforce the rule of law and ensure that police are accountable to it and the public they serve. Limiting deadly force by police to situations involving an threat will protect the public from unjustified shootings and police officers from public backlash.

Tell your Texas House member to support HB 2044 and sign on as a coauthor. Learn more about this issue here.

Take action today to reduce unjustified shootings and restore accountability to police disciplinary processes!

Take Action: Support accountable policing

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