End unnecessary arrests!

Texas arrests thousands each year for traffic violations or old, unpaid tickets!

In some parts of Texas, police routinely arrest people on minor traffic infractions. Sandra Bland may be the most famous example (her original crime, failure to signal a lane change), but this has become an increasingly common practice over the past 15 years.

In addition, across Texas, courts launch "warrant roundups" every year. Police go to homes and workplaces and arrest people with unpaid tickets, fines and fees. Almost all of these arrests relate to unpaid traffic tickets, city ordinance violations or other infractions for which the maximum penalty is a fine, no jail time allowed. 

Visa doesn't get to use police and jail to collect unpaid credit card debt. The cable company can't call in the police to collect that last bill. Neither should the government!

Tell your Senator to file a bill to end the arrest and jailing of people for violations that the legislature has said should only be punished with a fine.

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