New Year, Better Laws!

Here's a resolution: end arrests, jail for minor marijuana possession!

Be it resolved! Texas lawmakers love their resolutions. Don't we all, especially the first week in January. But just like weight loss, or exercise, or spending less and saving more, a resolution requires action. Tell your lawmakers to immediately join as co-authors on bills to end arrest and jail for minor marijuana possession. 

Texas arrests and jails more than 60,000 people a year on minor pot charges.  Austin and Houston have created diversion systems to keep pot offenders out of jail, but the same behavior in other parts of the state can land you in jail. if you can't afford the bail, you might just stay there.

You can make sure a minor pot charge no longer lands someone in jail, no matter where they live in Texas, if your lawmaker agrees to coauthor one of the several bills already filed to reduce penalties and eliminate arrests.

Republicans and Democrats alike put marijuana reform in both party platforms this summer, and Governor Abbott recently announced his support for reducing possession of less than 2 oz to a Class C misdemeanor (like a traffic ticket.) Together, we can do this!

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