DRP fee amnesty! Get Harvey victims their drivers' licenses!

Many of the people rescued from flooded homes, and those who walked or swam away as waters rose, left with nothing, not even their drivers license.

Because trying to restart a life without identification is nearly impossible, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) announced that it would waive the $11 fee for drivers license replacement in the Hurricane Harvey disaster area. 

Unfortunately, it is not the $11 fee that prevents tens of thousands of flood victims from getting their licenses. Civil fees (called the Driver Responsibility Surcharge) added on top of the criminal penalty to certain traffic violations, and added if people have too many points at the time of a traffic stop, can total hundreds of dollars. If you can't pay, you lose your drivers license and can't get it back until the fines are cleared. 

DPS already has the authority to create amnesty programs and waive DRP fees. A one time amnesty for people in the 50 county Hurricane Harvey disaster area would reduce bureaucratic barriers that prevent people from cashing checks, accessing benefits, or helping one another with still functional vehicles.

Help Texans help themselves!! Send a quick message to Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and to DPS Director Steve McCraw, asking them to create an emergency amnesty from DRP fees and get people safely and legally back on the road.

Help Harvey Victims Get Back Their Drivers Licenses!

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