Today's front in climate campaigning: Global distributed direct action.  Profiling events planned by the U.S. contingent of the global Break Free 2016 campaignThe Nation explains how climate activists are using nonviolent resistance to block high-carbon projects this May, pressuring leaders to stick to the emissions targets agreed to during the COP21 conference in Paris last December. Organizers are calling it the largest ever act of civil disobedience

Networks key to protecting dispersed activsts. That's what Tibet movement campaigners report to Nithin Coca for our recent story about digital security. Building and supporting a strong global network helps the movement stay on top of constantly shifting attacks and hacks by the Chinese government. 
Tibet movement networks and security

From fence-sitter to climate warrior in 2 years. In a compelling story of the engagement pyramid in action, U.K. climate activist Holly Templer describes how she went from concerned citizen to watching a Story of Stuff video to helping organise the 2014 People's Climate March in Bristol. Now deeply involved in both the divestment movement and this year's Break Free activities, her account is proof that the gap between "clicktivism" and real world activism can be closed quite rapidly when the cause and timing are right.

Crowdsourcing the defence of human rights. Amnesty International's Milena Marin describes the Alt Click project as transforming supporters from consumers of information to participants in the analysis, validation and collation of evidence. The group has launched an important test of micro-tasking that may help transform public engagement in activism. 

We got people who never opened their emails to respond to a text says Roddy Lindsay, one of the creators of Hustle, a text messaging app used by the Bernie Sanders campaign, and others. The long-term vision, Lindsay tells Recode, is to help organisations build enduring relationships that get (and keep) more people engaged in civic action. 

Civil society can't function like the systems it seeks to change and should more actively use experiential learning, explore feelings and seek a deeper acknowledgement of our relationship with nature writes Gioel Gioacchino in a thoughtful reflection on the insights of young activists attending CIVICUS International Civil Society Week. 

Social media fame shields dissidents. Until it doesn't. Zainab al-Khawaja is a Bahraini whose pro-democracy activism seemed risky but relatively safe due to the global awareness of her @angryarabiya twitter feed. But she is now in prison. Writing for The Intercept, Robert Mackey looks at the power and limits of social media exposure for Khawaja and other activists. (ht Aspiration)

Find a job, do your banking and hear from the Prime Minister. Those are just a few of the things one can do in India with a missed call, writes Shefali Anand in the Wall Street Journal. If you've been with MobLab for a while you know we're intrigued by clever uses of missed calls

Let's Get Smart (together)

Recrear Magnify this July in Colombia looks like an amazing opportunity for young activists to meet, network and learn about action research to transform their communities. Find out more ==>

The ability to quickly and wisely innovate and iterate is invaluable. IdeoU is running a "Leading for Creativity" online course that starts on May 18 to teach leaders approaches that empower individuals and teams to search for innovative solutions. We've learned a lot from Ideo ourselves. trainings

Again ==> Check this out! has opened up resources and tools it uses to scale global training of activists, campaigners and volunteers. Included are how-tos for running training workshops, facilitating meetings, strategy development and more.  

Ted Fickes and Tom Liacas rounded up and summed up these stories. Something to share? Working on a people powered campaign? Send your news to @MobilisationLab and we'll get to out to the network. 


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