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Start the year with a fresh look at your training needs! Please find below some of our key training dates with availability up to March 2019, including training on universal credit (roll-out across Scotland is complete), caselaw and student benefits.

All courses take place in Glasgow unless stated;

Universal credit - claimant responsibilities and sanctions - 17 January 2019

Our first course of 2019 looks at work-related requirements, a cornerstone of UC. Statistics show that UC claimants are frequently sanctioned; this one-day, standard level course will give you a good understanding of what goes into a claimant commitment and the work-related requirements that people are expected to meet. It will also equip you to advocate effectively on behalf of clients who are facing benefit sanctions.

PIP and attendance allowance - an introduction - 24 January 2019

A useful course if you have completed our introduction to welfare rights training and are looking for a next course, this one-day introductory level training provides an introduction to PIP and AA, both vitally important benefits for people with disabilities. The course will cover who is enititled to PIP and AA and how to claim.

Universal Credit - supporting clients - 30 January 2019, DUNDEE

This is a useful one-day basic level course aimed at frontline workers who have little or no experience of the benefits system; it covers the basics of UC, knowing which clients are affected and who can claim, helping people manage the system, maximise income and how to deal with problems.

Challenging PIP decisions - 31 January 2019

This course is suitable for advisers with a working knowledge of PIP entitlement conditions and is a standard level one-day course looking at how to challenge PIP decisions, a reminder of entitlement conditions and claims process, gathering further evidence in PIP cases and preparing your case for appeal hearings. It is suitable for advisers with a working knowledge of PIP entitlement conditions.

UC and students - 5 February 2019includes a complimentary copy of Benefits for Students in Scotland Handbook 2018/19 (cover price £22)

With the introduction of UC, the benefit rules for students as we know them are swept away and new rules set up in their place. This one-day course explains which students will be able to claim UC and how student funding will affect the amount they get. The course covers an overview of UC, who is a full-time student for UC, which students can claim and the interaction with Scottish student funding.

Using legislation and caselaw - 21 February 2019

Advisers regularly deal with complex areas of social security and tax credits law; this one-day course explores some of the legal skills required by lay advisers and gives information on different aspects of the legal system. It also includes how to use the annotated guides – social security legislation (Sweet and Maxwell) and interpreting legislation.

Students and benefits - eligibility - 26 February 2019includes a complimentary copy of Benefits for Students in Scotland Handbook 2018/19 (cover price £22) 

This one-day course is for advisers who already have a basic knowledge of benefits and tax credits and want to know how the rules apply to students. It also provides more detail and a useful update for those who have previously attended Introduction to benefits for student advisers. Many advisers work with students in both further and higher education; this course explains the different benefits that students can claim, definitions of full-time and part-time study for benefits, eligibility for UC, which students can get other means-tested benefits and tax credits and an overview of how student funding affects benefits.

Universal credit - full service - 28 February 2019

With roll-out across Scotland complete, this is an essential one-day course for advisers who need to understand the rules of UC in detail. The course includes who is entitled, making and maintaining an online claim, introduces conditionality and sanctions and what triggers a transfer from existing benefits to UC in the full service.

Benefits for disabled children from age 16 - 12 March 2019 - special price of £45 per delegate 

This half-day basic level course focuses on the transition to adult benefits from age 16 for young people with disabilities or health problems who still live at home. It looks at changes to disability benefits for the young person, and considers the circumstances in which a young person can claim adult benefits in their own right while still living at home. The course is aimed at anyone working with disbabled young people age 16-19 and assumes no previous knowledge of the benefits system.

Income maximisation for families - 20 March 2019 special price of £45 per delegate 

This half-day course looks at changes to benefits for people starting a family and families with young children, both in and out of work. Maximising income in the early years is vital for children’s health, education and development. This course aims to give frontline workers a basic awareness to help you to identify problems and refer on where appropriate.

Social security law update - 21 March 2019

Social security law and tax credit law can change from day to day and advisers need to keep abreast of developments to advise their clients correctly. This essential one-day experienced level course looks at the most important changes in benefit and tax credits law from the previous six months including the latest legal developments regarding UC, in particular migration to UC from legacy benefits.

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