Greenpeace tests ways to scale nonviolent direct action. Direct action leaders are using networks and open campaign tools to connect, engage and train more people than ever. Find out how recent anti-TPPA actions in New Zealand opened up planning to the media and public.

The powerful role of “serial” online activists. Online activists do far more than sign petitions and tweet write researchers Dan Mercea and Marco T. Bastos. The most active directly support on the ground actions. Mercea and Bastos also found that regular online activists form strong network bonds as they come to know and rely upon one another.

Don’t just win - build local power for real change. Large groups often call on local leaders to represent low-income communities and people of color. That may help change laws but doesn’t create tools to better fight for long-term economic and environmental justice. We talked to locals and big groups in California who are building the political power of local communities while fighting for strong renewable energy standards in California.

Social movements + NGOs. What we learned. Listen to the latest MobLab Live for more on how social movements and advocacy groups are building power together. Leslie Mac, founder of the Ferguson Response Network, and Alba Villanueva, a key member of No Somos Delito, joined us for a live conversation about how to decide when and how movements and groups can work together.

The success of born-digital social movements like #Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter may be linked with the specificity of the demands made by campaigners write researchers who analysed 40.8 million tweets, over 100,000 web links, and conducted 40 interviews of BLM activists and allies. The Beyond the Hashtags report also finds that BLM movement hashtags significantly amplified awareness among casual observers.

Gaming your way towards indigenous knowledge is a possibility being explored by the Kaxinawa people of Brazil who have created a video game that transmits their ways and culture to outsiders with the help of local anthropologists and developers.

Liberating grassroots movements from corporate social media. The driving purpose behind, a "network of networks" being created by Movement Netlab, is to help decentralized movements establish group-to-group communication free from the constraints and flaws of commercial platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The power (and risk) of movement branding. Recent Japanese anti-war protests use global marketing symbols to raise public ire against a plan to change the nation’s post-World War II constitution. Writer Sharon Quimsaat looks at the value of movement branding in an age of hyper-connected global communications networks.

Hook they must but end they shouldn’t. Brian Fitzgerald writes about how storytelling brings people into activism by giving the reader opportunities to become the hero of the story. Look for more great insights into the power of story from Brian, a longtime Greenpeacer.

Trainings + Resources

Campaign Lab it accepting applications for its next round of trainings. Join two dozen other campaigners in a 6-month training programme designed specifically for those working in economic, environmental and social justice movements. Applications to the UK-based program are due April 4.

REMINDER: The Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellows program is accepting applications until March 21. Chosen participants will work with global civil society organizations to advance and protect the open Web. 

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