Livestreaming changes social movements. Nicky Young interviews Chenjerai Kumanyika, a Black Lives Matter activist, and Laith Marouf, who was involved in the 2012 Quebec student strikes, for Ricochet to hear how livestreaming is freeing campaigns from traditional media to engage more people in actions, tell stories faster and bring new people into movements. 

Location-driven campaigns are powerful (but shouldn't be scary). Rewire has the story of anti-choice groups using geolocation technology to target ads at women in and around abortion clinics in five U.S. cities. “It is incredibly unethical and creepy,” said digital marketing expert Brian Solis. Geolocation has the potential to assist those in need, not just track down the unsuspecting. As we've written, the power of data and digital brings great responsibility. [ht Colin Delany on Rewire

[Test Results] Great images are a great big deal. Netflix data scientists and creatives collaborated to test the photos that lead people to click and watch Netflix shows. "We saw one clear thing," said Nick Nelson, global manager for creative services. "Using better images to represent content significantly increased overall streaming hours and engagement." [ht Amrekha Sharma]

This is the Arctic 360

Take people there with 360(degree) video. RYOT and Greenpeace released a short virtual reality film, “Inside the Arctic” that puts people on the ground - and alongside polar bears - in the rapidly changing and at-risk Arctic. 

Global Internet growth slows. Messaging apps pick up steam. Mary Meeker, astute analyst of all things digital, released her annual Internet trends report last week. Catch the full presentation and check out Eric Wilson's top takeaways for digital/political strategists

Women connecting and taking on Wal-Mart. Labor historian Annelise Orleck talks to current and former Wal-Mart employees in California to understand the high personal costs that mostly female activists pay for their fair wage campaigning. Also of note, Wal-Mart employee advocacy group OUR Walmart is developing a mobile platform for employees around the globe to connect with and support each other

[Test Results] Highlight where you're going, not where you've been. Is it better to emphasize past successes or future plans when talking to potential new supporters? Field and survey experiments found that people are more motivated to help when you talk about you’re going instead of where you’ve been.

High risk, high demand in China. Breaking news circulates first via social media, making it a key channel for activists and journalists. Global Voices Advox reports on how China’s independent reporters, like activists, are using independent platforms to share stories quickly and without government censorship. Of course, this puts popular journalists at risk.  

48 campaign strategies. ICYMI, Chris Rose put together this extensive list that runs the strategy spectrum from "drop a dead dog on a table" to "drain the swamp" and 46 more. Great concise resource. Go add your own.

Innovation Fund Open Call. New Media Ventures has announced its $50,000 Innovation Fund is open to proposals from nonprofit and for-profit startups deploying cutting-edge digital and mobilisation ideas. 

Let's Get Smart (together)

Progressive's Style GuideA Progressive’s Style Guide. Language has power. Sum of Us campaigner Hanna Thomas shares ways for anyone to write inclusive, movement-building messages for email, social, the web and more. 

Getting started with Distributed Organizing. The ControlShift team shared a guide to developing and implementing networked campaigns. Great material for organizers looking to start or rev up their people-led campaigns. 

PDF Alert! We would love to catch up with anyone at Personal Democracy Forum this week. We'll be part of a session on directed network campaigning and balancing powerful distributed campaigns with strong strategic oversight. More PDF details over here.

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