Snapchat filters are helping women report sexual assault in India writes Sonam Joshi in Mashable. Yusuf Omar, Hindustan Times mobile editor, is using the filters to disguise the faces of women being interviewed, giving them more control over the process. The image below, via Hindustan Times, shows a woman sharing her story using Snapchat. 

Women in India report sexual assault using Snapchat

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Cutting edge mapping tools for indigenous communities. Digital Democracy reports on their use of Mapeo in Ecuador to help people in the Amazon and elsewhere simply create and edit their own maps, providing a valuable resource when engaging government and industry.

How design thinking can build stronger campaigns. Recently, we've been piloting a new approach to campaign planning built on design thinking principles that we're calling the Campaign AcceleratorThe process blends high-performing campaign strategy tools with proven “design thinking” methodologies. We've worked with three Greenpeace offices (Mexico, Brazil, Southeast Asia). Catch up on how it works and what we've learned so far.

Campaign Accelerator - design thinking and campaign planning

Does storytelling explain Brexit results? Benjamin Ramm argues that progressives need to catch up and compete with the right when it comes to issue framing and narrative. The stakes are high, argues Ramm, as looming climate and refugee crises may lend themselves to narratives of hope and solidarity as much as they might fuel fear and authoritarianism.

"These are times for visionary organizing, not outraged reposting" says Professor Nicholas Mirzoeff about the nature of today's activism in a New York Times conversation with Natasha Lennard. The full piece examines clicktivism, social media, and many modern direct action movements around the globe. 

Don't just watch TV – put it to work. AndACTION helps research TV and movie storylines so you can connect advocacy and social change topics to pop culture memes and messages. Spitfire launched the platform that looks most useful to American campaigners but could be transferable.

To understand new indigenous grassroots movements... Elaine Coburn has brought together important perspectives in More Will Sing Their Way to Freedom reviewed on the Mobilizing Ideas blog. The book profiles movements like Canada's Idle No More, which rose up with a horizontal and distributed leadership structure in 2012 and delivered a powerful call for indigenous self-determination that is still influencing national debates today.

Who says good disobedience goes unrewarded? The MIT Media Lab announced the creation of a $250,000 Disobedience award. It's a one-time (for now) award made to "a person or group engaged in what we believe is excellent disobedience for the benefit of society."

Need a CTO? Matt Holland, former technology leader at Avaaz, uses real-life examples to illustrate why many groups have staff implementing apps and new tech on the fly. Leadership without clear tech strategy experience and responsibility is leaving groups open to security risks, misspent resources and more problems that focused leadership may address. 

Turning a "billion acts of courage" into a real (and really open) thing. Greenpeace's Matt Browner Hamlin writes about the global organisation's engagement and content vision. Part web redesign, part engagement strategy, the organisation is using open campaign prinicples to share plans for bringing millions of people into tangible – and measurable –social change. Matt and others would love your feedback and involvement.

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Big Data Everywhere is a half-day conference coming up in late-August in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia (and San Francisco). Looks like a great opportunity to meet, work with and learn from experts putting big data into action. Find out more.

Come to Digital Momentum [apply now - 7 Aug deadline]. Duncan Meisel, an organizer, writer and trainer, shares a look into what will happen at the Digital Momentum training in September. It's a learning event designed by, run by and aimed at digital and online organizers. Read more on Medium

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