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January 29, 2019

Environment & Health

Solar Panel

The Green New Deal: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Climate scientists are now telling us that we have less than 12 years in which to cut our climate-warming emissions in half or face irreversible consequences.

That stark deadline is why we need a national awakening and a new commitment to action. Concretely, we need to adopt a set of policies that will move us off of fossil fuels and transition us quickly and equitably onto clean, safe, renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

The Green New Deal can guide that urgently needed transformation.

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Docs Speaking Out on Climate

Must-Read: "Climate Change—A Health Emergency"

Two physicians from PSR's Greater Boston chapter have just published a must-read article in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. Entitled "Climate Change—A Health Emergency," it is a strong and cogent statement of the challenge the world faces from climate change and the responsibility of physicians (and, by extension, other health professionals) to respond.

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Andrew Wheeler

PSR Opposes Nomination of Andrew Wheeler as EPA Administrator

"Americans need real protection of their air, water and health, not abandonment of the EPA's mission." Read PSR's statement here.

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Coal-Fired Power Plant

PSR Urges the EPA to Strengthen, not Weaken, Lifesaving Mercury and Air Toxics Standards

On December 28, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a proposal that would effectively weaken the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS), which helps protect the health and safety of American families by ensuring proper regulation of mercury and harmful pollutants. Read PSR's statement here.

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Peace and Security

No Nuclear War Graphic

Please support high-profile Members of Congress who are taking a stand on nuclear weapons

PSR has been working for decades to convince Members of Congress that we must change United States nuclear policies to reduce the risk of nuclear war. Though we've made headway, the pace of progress has not matched the enormous risk. But what if we could enlist the help of influential Congressmembers, like the new chair of the House Armed Services Committee, or a declared presidential candidate? Good news: PSR is expecting Representative Adam Smith and Senator Elizabeth Warren to introduce nuclear "no first use" legislation in the 116th Congress.

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National Security Committee Members

Portland, Maine City Council Unanimously Passes “Back from the Brink” Resolution, urging the USA to reduce nuclear dangers from Threat of Nuclear War

Thanks to the incredible work of Physicians for Social Responsibility Maine and their allies, on January 23, the city of Portland, Maine unanimously passed a "Back from the Brink" resolution.

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PSR Actions

Please support high-profile Members of Congress who are taking a stand on nuclear weapons

In the news

Climate Change Is A Public Health Emergency, Doctor Says. Here's How To Respond
NPR's On Point - Jan 23
Radio interview with Dr. Regina LaRocque of Greater Boston PSR on New England Journal of Medicine Article authored by Dr. LaRocque and Dr. Caren Solomon


Health Consequences of Climate Change
About Health with Nurse Rona - KPFA, 94.1FM - Jan 21
Radio interview with Dr. Michael Martin, SF Bay Area PSR


Building Climate Resilient Communities: A chat with Barbara Warren
Financial Insights with James Cox Podcast - Jan 20
Interview featuring Barbara Warren, Chapter Coordinator of PSR Arizona


Rollback of standards threatens Lake Erie fish
Op-ed by Molly Hammersmith, PSR climate ambassador and student PSR member, The Toledo Blade - Jan 19


Climate Change—A Health Emergency
Dr. Caren Solomon and Dr. Regina LaRocque, Greater Boston PSR, New England Journal of Medicine - Jan 17


Doctors are frightened by climate change. Their industry is a big part of the problem.
Vox - Jan 17


New report shows increased food recalls is part of a bigger problem
KXAN - Jan 17
Featuring Texas PSR


Burnout and Despair: Studying the Climate
The Agenda with Steve Paikin (TVO) - Jan 15
Interview featuring Dr. Lise Van Susteren, PSR board member


626 Groups Urge Congress to Phase Out Fossil Fuels, Build Green Economy
Common Dreams - Jan 10


Lilly Adams & Bruce Amundson: Preventing Nuclear Apocalypse on Alternative Radio – Sunday at 10 am
KRCB - Jan 9


This EPA Rule Change Could Kill Thousands
Olivia Alperstein, OtherWords - Jan 9


City laying groundwork for Clean Energy Fund
The Portland Tribune - Jan 7


Activists delivered petitions with 1 million signatures urging Governor to phase out fossil fuels
DailyKos - Jan 6


Interview on Nuclear Policy with Lilly Adams and Bruce Amundson of WPSR
Radio Free America, KCSB - Jan 4


Preparing Medical Students for a Warmer World
Christian Cayon, PSR Emerging Leaders Council, Common Dreams - Jan 3


Let's Stop Taking Doomsday to the Bank
John LaForge, Nukewatch - Jan 3


Woolsey Fire Started at Toxic Santa Susana Lab
PSR-Los Angeles, & Parents vs. SSFL, Nukewatch - Dec 31


Dismissing science has put these California workers at risk
The Las Vegas Sun - Dec 25


Port of Kalama denied big US grant
The Columbian - Dec 25


Politicians, residents and activists are calling for stricter cleanup standards at the Santa Susana Field Lab field
Los Angeles Daily News - Dec 24


Port denied competitive federal grant for methanol plant dock, roads
Longview Daily News - Dec 21


Local activists are giving peace a better chance, following the midterm election
The Seattle Times - Dec 20


Falmouth native dives into climate fight
Press Herald - Dec 16


Tucson Electric Power must boost energy-saving programs, critics say
Arizona Daily Star - Dec 15

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