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October 29, 2019

Peace and Security

People's Town Hall

Greater Boston PSR and Washington PSR Host Events to Highlight Nuclear Weapons Issues and Hold Elected Officials Accountable

Last month, Washington PSR hosted a People's Town Hall on nuclear weapons issues in Seattle, highlighting Washington state's role in their production and the impact on local communities. The event brought together anti-war, environmental, and Indigenous rights activists, and resulted in a resolution that will be presented to Washington senators with recommendations for congressional action. And last week, Greater Boston PSR hosted a teach-in at the Massachusetts Statehouse for legislators, their staff, and the public, featuring a panel discussion with nuclear weapons experts. GBPSR encouraged legislators to support a state senate resolution to prohibit nuclear weapons.

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Setsuko Thurlow

Setsuko Thurlow Reminds Harvard Audience Why Nuclear Weapons Must Be Banned

For many PSR members who advocate for the abolition of nuclear weapons, there's a compelling reason to work to prevent a nuclear attack: our nation, the United States, has already used atomic weapons in an act of war, and we know we must never use them again.

On October 8, Setsuko Thurlow, a hibakusha who survived the Hiroshima bombing as a young girl in 1945, spoke at an event organized by Harvard Law School as part of the university's Worldwide Week. Thurlow recounted her horrific experience.

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Golden Rule

Follow The Golden Rule: Historic Boat Returns to Sea to Draw Attention Once Again to Nuclear Weapons Threat

61 years ago, in 1958, the crew of the small sailboat, Golden Rule, sailed from California to Hawai'i on their way to the Marshall Islands in an attempt to stop U.S. atmospheric nuclear testing.

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Environment & Health

Heat Pump

"Electrify Everything":
PSR Engages Its Health Voices in
New Approach to Fighting Climate Change

With support from the national office, PSR chapters in Philadelphia, Boston, Colorado and Los Angeles are building local support to replace gas-powered furnaces and stoves with highly efficient electric heat pumps and electric induction stovetops. It's part of a new approach to slashing greenhouse gas emissions. Known as "energy optimization," it increases energy efficiency while replacing technologies that burn fossil fuels with those that use electricity. The result is a win-win-win: less demand for fracked gas, less fossil fuel combustion, and a growing market for electricity from clean, renewable sources.

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Solar and Wind

PSR Group Letter on Clean Energy Tax Incentives

On October 2 PSR sent a letter signed by PSR and seven partner health groups to the leaders of the House Committee on Ways and Means and the Senate Committee on Finance, urging support for important tax incentives that will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by driving innovation and wider deployment of clean energy technologies, including energy storage, electric vehicles, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

My Green Doctor

Share With Your Patients Tips on Green Apartment & Condo Living

Just because people live in an apartment or condominium doesn't mean they can't be part of the "green living" movement. The benefits are significant for personal finances, happiness, and community health. This month, PSR's My Green Doctor has a short guide for your patients and fellow clinic workers (reading time: 4 minutes), plus free brochures for your waiting room on how families will save money and lower air pollution by using energy wisely.

My Green Doctor is a free donor and membership benefit from Physicians for Social Responsibility that is saving money as offices adopt wise environmental practices and share these ideas with their patients. Hundreds of offices use My Green Doctor. It adds just five minutes to each regular office staff meeting. My Green Doctor explains what to say and do at each meeting so there is nothing for the office manager to study or prepare. Ask your office manager to register. Your patients will be impressed!

PSR Chapters

PSR Colorado website

Celebrating Our Newest Chapter: PSR Colorado

Physicians for Social Responsibility is thrilled to announce that PSR Colorado is now officially the newest full chapter. Formerly PSR Colorado Working Group, PSR Colorado has already served as an impactful health voice in the state regarding environmental hazards to health, mobilizing the medical community in the state and advocating on key issues, including fracking and the climate crisis.

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PSR Actions

Tell Congress: Pass Clean Energy Tax Incentives Now!


Remove regulation of methane ("natural" or fracked gas)? Unconscionable!


Tell your Representative: Support 100% Clean Energy!

In the news

Climate change will affect us all
Elliot Trester, MD, Texas PSR, Austin American-Statesman - Oct 26


CO Doctors Voice Concerns About Gardner's Climate Health Record
Public News Service - Oct 23
Quotes Cory Carroll, MD, Oregon PSR, and Antonia Herzog, Climate & Energy Program Manager at PSR


AZ Physicians Criticize McSally's Vote for GOP Clean Energy Rule
Public News Service - Oct 23
Quotes Barbara Warren, MD, PSR Arizona, and Antonia Herzog, Climate & Energy Program Manager at PSR


Environmental Studies students learn about chemical exposures from expert
University of New England News - Oct 23
Features Sydney Sewall, MD PSR Maine


Will Rollback of Pollution Regulations Accelerate Iowa Climate Change?
Public News Service - Oct 21
Quotes Antonia Herzog, Climate & Energy Program Manager at PSR, and Maureen McCue, PhD PSR Iowa


Fear of a new nuclear arms race revives hotbed of anti-nuclear action
Crosscut - Oct 18
Features Washington PSR's anti-nuclear work and Sept. 29 People's Town Hall on Nuclear Weapons


Local Democrats warn against easing clean car emission standards
The Gazette - Oct 18
Paraphrases quotes from Maureen McCue, MD PSR Iowa


Oberlin doctor to talk about climate change creating public health emergency
The Morning Journal - Oct 18
Features Alan Lockwoord, MD, PSR board member


What We Know About the Health Impacts of Colorado's Fracking Boom
Westword - Oct 18
References PSR and Concerned Health Professionals of NY's fracking science Compendium


Colorado Fracking Study Shows Toxic Chemicals up to 2,000 Feet Away from Drilling Sites
Newsweek - Oct 17
Quotes Alan Lockwood, MD PSR board member


Climate change threatens firefighters and farmworkers. And that's only the beginning.
AAMC News - Oct 17
Quotes Todd Sack, MD, PSR board member, Florida PSR


Don't forget: Nuclear weapons are an existential threat
Olivia Alperstein, PSR Media Relations Manager, OtherWords - Oct 16


The Rev. Peter Kakos: Global warming, nuclear abolitionists should join forces
Daily New Hampshire Gazette - Oct 16
References PSR


Rep. Lynch And Senators Warren And Markey Urge Enbridge To Reconsider Plan To Build Compressor Station In Weymouth
Official Rep. Lynch press release - Oct 15
References PSR and Greater Boston PSR's report on Weymouth Compressor


Refinery realities
Longview Daily News - Oct 12
References Washington PSR and Oregon PSR


Fort Collins leaders want stricter oil and gas regulations in city limits
The Coloradoan - Oct 11
Features Cory Carroll, MD PSR Colorado


Vehicle emissions on the rise in Seattle metro areas
King-TV K5 News - Oct 10
Quotes Chris Covert-Bowlds, MD, Washington PSR


Ecology Finds Methanol Refinery Review Incomplete, Seeks Information On Spurious Carbon Claims
Joint press release with Sierra Club and Power Past Fracked Gas Coalition - Oct 9
Quotes Mark Vossler, MD, Washington PSR


Massachusetts Lawmakers Step Up Pressure on Enbridge to Scrap Controversial Gas Compressor Station
DeSmog Blog - Oct 9
References PSR and Greater Boston PSR's report on Weymouth Compressor


BLM's Colorado Oil, Gas Leases Challenged by Environmental Groups
Natural Gas Intelligence - Oct 9
References PSR's joint lawsuit with WildEarth Guardians


Health officials' claim of no cancer cluster angers Canon-McMillan crowd
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Oct 8
Quotes Ned Ketyer, MD PSR Philadelphia


Better response needed from state health officials in Canon-McMillan school district
Editorial, Pitt News - Oct 8
Quotes Ned Ketyer, MD PSR Philadelphia


Is pollution causing childhood cancers in Canon-McMillan?
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Oct 7
Quotes Ned Ketyer, MD PSR Philadelphia


New Study Warns India-Pakistan Nuclear War Could Kill 125 Million Immediately—Then Spark Global Mass Starvation
Common Dreams - Oct 3
Quotes Jeff Carter, Executive Director of PSR, and Maureen McCue, MD, PSR Iowa


Parents of child cancer victims plead with PA Governor Wolf to attend cancer crisis meeting
Environmental Health News - Oct 3
Quotes Tammy Murphy, PSR Philadelphia


Community responds to plans locate F-35 squadrons in city
The Clarion - Oct 3
Features Ann Behrmann, MD, PSR Wisconsin


Impacted Families, Backed by Dozens of Groups, Urge Governor Wolf to Attend Cancer Crisis Meeting in Washington County
Food and Water Watch press release - Oct 1
Quotes Tammy Murphy, PSR Philadelphia


Dr. Tom Winters
Fifty Plus Advocate - Oct 1
Profile of former PSR board member Tom Winters, MD


Cold War-era sites at Santa Susana Field Lab to be demolished, feds say
Los Angeles Daily News - Sep 30
Quotes Denise Duffield, PSR Los Angeles


Hope, necessity this International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
Robert Dodge, MD, PSR board member, PSR Los Angeles, Common Dreams - Sep 27


Portland Activists Won't Let City Council Forget About Zenith
Portland Mercury - Sep 26
Quotes Oregon PSR energy justice organizer Lluvia Merello


Nuclear weapons are unneeded, unsafe
John Reuwer, MD, PSR member, The Vermont Digger - Sep 25

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