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December 18, 2018

Environment & Health

Climate Activists at COP 24

PSR view of Climate Accords in Poland: "We will not stop here"

Most of the countries of the world met recently in Poland to review their progress on the Paris Climate Accords and identify next steps. PSR's national board president, Pouné Saberi, MD, attended the conference and shares her take on the outcome.

Dr. Saberi also coauthored an article entitled "What the Health?" asking why climate change health effects weren't discussed and calling for placing health at the center of countries' plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Flaring Fracking Well

EPA's proposed methane rule rollback would endanger health and the climate

The U.S. EPA is proposing to roll back the rules that restrict methane and toxic gas leakage from oil and gas wells across the country. This roll-back would endanger health locally, and damage the climate globally. PSR responded with strong comments about these health impacts—and 19 other health professional and public health groups joined to sign on with us.

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Powerful op-ed sounds PSR's themes

Washington PSR physicians Michael Soman, MD and Mark Vossler, MD published an op-ed recently in the Seattle Times that powerfully presents a number of PSR's themes for 2019. "Climate Change is Killing Our Patients" documents that climate change is causing death and disease, here, today; health professionals are taking action by promoting public policy to reduce carbon emissions and produce clean renewable energy; and that smart policies "can promote benefits of physical activity, clean our air and improve mental health all while reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and creating a hopeful future for our children."

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Mount Hood

Oregon PSR helps pass Portland Clean Energy Initiative

Oregon PSR helped pass the landmark Portland Clean Energy Initiative, the nation's first-ever clean energy fund for climate justice. The Initiative will raise $30 million annually to invest in renewable energy, energy efficiency, home weatherization, living-wage job training, local sustainable food production and more. Low-income residents and communities of color will be the first beneficiaries.

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Peace and Security

Florida Advocacy Training

PSR members hone their skills with local advocacy trainings

PSR's Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program is working with chapters to conduct a series of advocacy trainings around the country, to develop critical community organizing tools and skills among PSR health professionals and advocates. This training series was made possible through support from the Otterman Foundation and from PSR members. Chapters have customized these events to match their unique needs.

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The Day After

Facing nuclear reality, 35 years after The Day After

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has released a new multimedia presentation on the 1983 television movie, The Day After. This landmark film showed the actual consequences of a full-scale nuclear war, and it had a major role in shaping American public opinion about nuclear weapons.

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PSR Actions

Tell Congress to protect the EPA and our health!

In the news

City Council hears concerns over impact of pollutants in at-risk neighborhoods
WHYY - Dec 12


California Fires May Have Unleashed Toxic Nuclear Waste
Ring of Fire Network - Dec 12


Climate change is killing our patients
Dr. Mark Vossler and Dr. Michael Soman, WPSR, Seattle Times - Dec 7


Reviving the Nuclear Disarmament Movement: A Practical Proposal
Op-ed by Lawrence Wittner, Foreign Policy in Focus - Dec 7


Scientists Discuss Federal Report on Climate Change
WGCU (Southern Florida) - Dec 4
Radio interview featuring Dr. Todd Sack


Representative Adam Smith on Nuclear Weapons Policy
Dec 3
Video by Representative Adam Smith, expected to become Chair of the House Armed Services Committee in January, for the Seattle conference "The Future of Nuclear Policy: Washington's Leadership," which was cosponsored by Washington PSR.


In Southwest Texas, the Fracking Industry Encroaches on Small Towns, Remote Wilderness, and Clear Skies
Truthout - Dec 2


Maintain conservative nuclear cleanup standards
Wicked Local Beverly - Dec 1


Did California Fire Spread Radioactive Fallout?
Indybay - Nov 30


Proposed new FL legislation aims to protect students from lead exposure at school
ABC Action News - Nov 29


Global outrage needed anew to preserve nuclear-arms treaty
Op-ed by WPSR Vice President Bruce Amundson, MD, Seattle Times - Nov 29


National Climate Assessment says Florida is battered by climate change and it will get much worse
WMNF - Nov 28

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