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May 29, 2018

Environment & Health

Tell EPA: Don't Censor Science

Oppose EPA's move to censor science

Scott Pruitt has proposed a rule that would limit the EPA's use of science and actually dismantle some of our most basic—and effective—health protections. We must stop him!

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Peace and Security

Ojai, California

Ojai, California's Nuclear-Free Resolution:
A Call to Action

On April 10, 2018, the city of Ojai, California adopted a resolution declaring the city the first nuclear-free zone in decades. Against the backdrop of events over the past year, and recognizing the catastrophic human consequences of any use of nuclear weapons plus the exorbitant costs of nuclear weapons production and maintenance, the City Council adopted the resolution unanimously.

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Prohibit, Stigmatize, Eliminate

Global health leaders rally behind the Ban Treaty

The International Committee of the Red Cross and the World Medical Association have issued important and very timely calls for states to join and implement the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

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PSR Actions

Don't let them censor science!


Prevent a catastrophic war with North Korea

In the news

Chain Reactions
Jake Miller, Harvard Medicine - Spring Issue
The history of PSR and IPPNW disarmament activism from 1961 to the present.

Scott Pruitt's Policy Director at EPA Met with Hundreds of Industry Representatives, Emails Show
Sharon Lerner, The Intercept - May 16


This Is Not A Drill: The Growing Threat of Nuclear Annihilation
Clyde Haberman, New York Times "Retro Report" - May 14

The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize and the Doomsday Clock—The End of Nuclear Weapons or the End of Us?
Lachlan Forrow, MD; Tilman Ruff, MB, BS; and Setsuko Thurlow, CM, MSW; New England Journal of Medicine - May 9

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