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‘Our faith is now ever stronger than at any other time…’

The news from Nigeria over the last month has been heart-breaking: we’ve seen abductions, executions, attacks on Christian communities and a campaign targeting a Christian orphanage. 

Yet in the face of tragedy, we’ve been inspired by the incredible faith and courage of people like Mrs Andimi, whose husband was executed by an offshoot of Boko Haram. Speaking shortly after his death she said, ‘Our faith is now stronger than at any other time…I was strengthened by my husband’s message in the video; he spoke like a man of faith, a man who was already prepared to meet with the Lord.’

Take a moment this week to join us in giving thanks for his faith and ministry, and to pray for his wife and children. 

Two years on: we won’t rest until Leah is free!

It’s almost two years since 16-year-old Leah Sharibu was abducted from her school in northeast Nigeria by a faction of terrorist group Boko Haram. She’s been in captivity ever since, refusing to convert in exchange for her freedom. 
At 3pm on Wednesday 19 February we’ll be gathering outside the Nigerian High Commission in London with Eritrean gospel singer, Helen Berhane (who herself was incarcerated for two and a half years), to show our support for Leah. 

Let’s show the Nigerian government that we will not rest until Leah is free!

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When Helen Berhane was imprisoned inside a shipping container in the Eritrean desert, with no light and in inhumane conditions, she said to fellow prisoners, ‘the only thing we can do now…is sing’. 

Helen is one of six Christians featured who faced fierce battles because of their faith in Jesus, yet encountered God in the midst of it.  They found consolation, joy, peace, and hope in the wilderness. Despite their trials, they encountered God. 

As Lent begins, journey with them, and find strength to face your wilderness as you prepare your heart for Easter. 

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The year hasn’t started well for many people of faith. In Nigeria, our teams are receiving regular reports of attacks on Christian communities, abductions and executions. In other countries, people continue to face harassment or discrimination for what they believe.

As you think about the year ahead and the changes you’d like to see in the world, why not consider giving monthly to CSW. You will join a movement of regular givers committed to tackling global injustice.

Your regular donation will help raise awareness of people suffering for their faith, and challenge those in power to take action.

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