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February 26, 2019

Peace and Security

Trump and Kim

Thirty-three organizations call for constructive U.S. diplomacy with Korea

In advance of the February 27-28 U.S./N. Korea summit, PSR joined with 32 allied nongovernmental organizations to issue a "Statement of Pro-Diplomacy Groups Regarding U.S. Policy Toward North Korea." The statement was circulated by Win Without War. Read the statement and list of endorsing NGOs here.

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Washington PSR celebrates state resolution

Is your state resolved to prevent nuclear war?

Now more than ever, with the United States' planned withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, new so-called "low-yield" nuclear weapons going into production, a U.S. President who's determined to "out-innovate" other nations in a new nuclear arms race, it seems that we are edging closer and closer to the ultimate threat to human health and survival: nuclear war.

But in several states—including Washington, pictured--concerned citizens have asked their state legislators to step up to the plate and take state-level action to reduce nuclear weapons dangers, in the form of state house or senate resolutions.

PSR and our chapters are proud to participate in multi-organization coalition efforts at the state and national level to address the nuclear threat and advance pro-active measures to prevent nuclear war, including through local and state-wide legislation.

That's where you have a critical role to play. Read more.

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Environment & Health

Green New Deal panel

PSR hosts panel on Green New Deal

The "Green New Deal" has burst onto the scene. PSR sees it as an exciting conversation-starter on climate policy, but as a resolution, it doesn't have the power of law; it is better understood as a vision document, a framework for developing new policy initiatives. While we wait to see what concrete bills emerge from it, PSR convened a live panel in Washington, DC last week to explore the GND's potential impacts on climate, health and social justice. See our photo essay here.

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Antonia Herzog at EPA hearing

PSR fights back against EPA's proposal to weaken carbon pollution limits on new power plants

PSR's national Environment & Health staff testified once again before the U.S. EPA, asking them not to weaken limits on carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants. It felt like déjà vu all over again—but pushing back against the EPA's regressive policy proposals is highly necessary. Submit your comment to the EPA here.

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Renewable Energy

Creating robust and effective state Renewable Portfolio Standards

PSR's recent webinar featured three of our chapter experts, Tim Whitehouse (Chesapeake), Damon Motz-Storey (OR), Sarah Cornett (WA), discussing the importance of effectively crafted state Renewable Portfolio Standards. They covered the importance of keeping dirty imposters out of the "clean and safe" definition for renewables, pushing for the strongest targets possible, and developing in-state renewables capacity through crediting methods and geographic restrictions. Tim Whitehouse continues to beat the drum to strengthen Maryland's Renewable Portfolio Standard by calling for a cleaner definition of renewable energy sources in his Baltimore Sun op-ed.

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Fore River

GBPSR issues report in response to Health Impact Assessment for proposed compressor station in Weymouth, MA

Greater Boston PSR issued a stinging rebuttal to a Health Impact Assessment that claimed to find no potential health impacts from constructing a fracked-gas compressor station in a low-income Massachusetts coastal town. It was so powerful, the agency that wrote the HIA spoke out against the compressor station. Read the statement here.

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PSR Actions

EPA: Don't Weaken Carbon Pollution Limits on New Power Plants!

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King County passes moratorium on fossil fuel facilities
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