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February 18, 2020

Peace and Security

USS Hopper missile launch

Trump's Budget Drastically Increases Nuclear Weapons Spending while Slashing Key Domestic Programs

President Trump's $4.8 trillion federal budget request includes broad and deep cuts to a range of domestic social programs including cuts to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), student loan forgiveness programs at the Department of Education, and vital economic security programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). However, some of the most extreme cuts are to healthcare programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)'s Premium Tax Credit. Meanwhile, the president's budget request doubles down on his increases in defense spending, including hefty increases for nuclear weapons spending.

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To promote nuclear weapons abolition: "Think globally, act locally"

When it comes to nuclear weapons policy, PSR is in the business of changing the (increasingly dangerous) status quo. To do so, we're working to get more citizens—especially health professionals and young advocates—involved in promoting disarmament. And those of us who are involved need to convince decision-makers—including elected officials and those who seek to be elected—that they can't afford to ignore the threat of nuclear war or defer this issue to some "more convenient" time.

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New York City Makes Progress on Divestment from Nukes, Advisory Council to Keep NYC Nuclear Free

On January 28, the New York City Council held a joint committee hearing in City Hall on two important pieces of nuclear weapons-related legislation. Dr. Ellen Ferranti of PSR New York attended the pre-hearing press conference and hearing and wrote the following blog post for PSR.

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Environment & Health

Rolling Stone article

Special webinar: Radioactivity disclosed in fracking wastewater!

A recent investigative exposé has revealed that wastewater from oil and gas wells is often highly radioactive and poses health threats to local residents, the environment, and especially to oil and gas workers. Join PSR for a special webinar, Wednesday February 19th, with the journalist whose two years of investigation broke open this shocking story.

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Iowa Climate Crisis Parade

Health Impacts of Climate Change Should Be a Key Issue in the Election

Now that the election season has begun, it's critical to remember that one of the top issues voters say they care about is the climate crisis. From Des Moines to Tampa to Seattle, Americans are witnessing firsthand the fact that the climate crisis is a health emergency, and it’s already impacting communities around the country.

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Dr. Michael Donnenberg

Grand Rounds Talk on Climate and Health

PSR Climate Ambassador Dr Michael Donnenberg discusses his Grand Rounds presentation titled, "The Health Effects of Climate Damage." He encourages his medical colleagues to follow his example and is happy to provide further guidance. Read more about his experience here.

Learn more about our PSR Climate Ambassadors program and please consider joining the advocacy effort. Any questions contact Antonia Herzog.

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My Green Doctor

Clean Indoor Air is Key to Asthma Prevention

In most homes, the air inside is dirtier than the air outside, contributing to asthma and other pulmonary complaints. This month, PSR's My Green Doctor program has a short guide to help your patients improve indoor air quality, "Go Green at Home to Prevent Asthma and Breathing Problems". You might print copies to share with your office colleagues and for the waiting room. There's also a link to a free waiting room poster.

My Green Doctor is a free donor and membership benefit from Physicians for Social Responsibility that is saving money as offices adopt wise environmental practices and share these ideas with their patients. Hundreds of offices use My Green Doctor. It adds just five minutes to each regular office staff meeting. My Green Doctor explains what to say and do at each meeting so there is nothing for the office manager to study or prepare. Ask your office manager to register here. Your patients will be impressed!

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HCWH calculator

Illustrating the health impacts of a medical facility's energy use

When it comes to fossil fuel energy sources, we're paying with our health. To make the case for the transition to clean energy, Health Care Without Harm invites hospitals, organizations, and policymakers to take advantage of the updated Energy and Health Impact Calculator, which is co-sponsored by PSR. Using data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy, the Calculator estimates the number of health incidents, medical treatment costs, and societal costs caused by energy use.

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ACLS 2020

PSR member discount to attend American Climate Leadership Summit 2020

PSR members are eligible for a 35% discount to ecoAmerica's 9th annual American Climate Leadership Summit, March 25-26 in Washington, DC. Register here. This year's Summit is designed to build political will for climate solutions and a broader, more inclusive movement.

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PSR Actions

Finally, a bill to ban fracking nationwide!

In the news

Lawmakers fail to act on findings of lead-tainted water in Florida schools
ABC Action News - Feb 17
Quotes Dr. Lynn Ringenberg, PSR Florida


Commentary: Reduce pollution for our climate and our health
Jonathan Witte, MD, Washington PSR, The Everett Herald - Feb 16


Climate damage equals health damage
Karen Wolf, NP, PSR climate ambassador, The Daily Item - Feb 16


Climate change fight is a wise investment
Mary Ann Gonzales, MD, Texas PSR, The Austin Statesman - Feb 15


Deployment of low-yield nuclear weapons lowers the threshold for war
Bruce Amundson, MD, and Joseph Berkson, MD, Washington PSR, The Seattle Times - Feb 14


5 environment and energy cases to watch at the DC Circuit
E&E News/Greenwire - Feb 14
Features PSR lawsuit


Big Read turns pages on Japanese American experiences
The East Oregonian - Feb 14
Features Chisao Hata, Oregon PSR


A week after Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences voted to divest from fossil fuels, the Faculty Council of Harvard Medical School has issued a call of their own.
Medium - Feb 13
Features quotes from James Recht, MD, and Caren Solomon, MD, MPH, Greater Boston PSR


Santa Susana Activists to Hear from California EPA Chief
ExchangeMonitor - Feb 13
Quotes PSR Los Angeles press release


Congress Needs to Step up on Climate Emergency, Support Clean Energy and Cut Big Oil Subsidies
Amanda Millstein, MD, San Francisco PSR, Informed Comment/ - Feb 12


The Doomsday Clock Is the Call to Action We Need Right Now
Allen Hester, PSR's Nuclear Weapons Abolition Grassroots Coordinator, Common Dreams - Feb 11


The Big Read Kickoff
The Wallowa County Chieftain - Feb 11
Features Chisao Hata, Oregon PSR


Fracking bill needs to be enacted into law
The Free Lance-Star - Feb 10
References fracking science Compendium co-authored by PSR and Concerned Health Professionals of New York


Marion County Wants Renewable Energy Status for Burning Trash as Power Revenue Falls
The Statesman-Journal - Feb 10
References Oregon PSR


The U.S. on the Global Stage
Neighborhood Network News - Feb 10
Recording of PSR Iowa’s Jan 25 presidential candidate issues forum


State of the Union Failed to Tackle Climate Change
Mary Ellen O'Connell, PSR Climate Ambassador, The Morning Call - Feb 8


She fought a South L.A. oil site as a child. Now, this teen activist has a new battle.
The Los Angeles Times - Feb 7
Quotes Martha Dina Argüello, PSR Los Angeles


Travel by plane and you might get flight shamed. This worries airlines.
The Los Angeles Times - Feb 7
Quotes Maro Kakoussian, PSR Los Angeles


An 'Industrial-Scale Glade Plug-In' Masks Odors from L.A.'s Urban Oil Fields
OneZero, Medium - Feb 5
Quotes Martha Dina Argüello, PSR Los Angeles


Press Release: Oregon Health Leaders Declare Climate Change A Public Health Emergency
The Lund Report - Feb 4
Features Oregon PSR


Public Health leaders call on lawmakers to take action to curb climate change
Multnomah County - Feb 4
References Oregon PSR


TEP power generation plans involve unsafe pollutants
Eve Shapiro, MD, PSR Arizona, Arizona Daily Star - Feb 3


Democrats' Fracking War Heats Up As 2020 Voting Begins
The Huffington Post - Feb 3
Quotes Barbara Gottlieb, PSR Environment and Health Program Director


Texas doctors warn climate change is impacting public health
CBS Austin - Feb 3
Interview featuring Lisa Doggett, MD, MPH, Texas PSR


"A Nationwide Fracking Ban Would Be Invaluable For Human Health" — Physicians For Social Responsibility Applauds First Proposed Nationwide Ban On Fracking
CleanTechnica - Feb 3
Republished PSR press release quoting PSR Environment and Health Program Director Barbara Gottlieb


Energy Matters: Fracking threatens public health
The Lincoln County News - Jan 30
References fracking science Compendium co-authored by PSR and Concerned Health Professionals of New York


Philly Area Experienced 85 Days of Polluted Air in 2018
MyChesCo - Jan 30
Quotes Walter Tsou, MD, MPH, Philadelphia PSR


Proposed state bill helps the coal lobby and hurts Hoosiers
Indiana Daily Student - Jan 27
References PSR report Coal's Assault on Human Health


Don't trust those reports: Red meat is not good for you
Michael Martin, MD, PSR board member, San Francisco PSR, The San Francisco Chronicle - Jan 25


More at stake than water with Lake Erie Bill of Rights court decision
The Toledo Blade - Jan 25
References Philadelphia PSR


The road to Armageddon—our two existential threats and the 2020 presidential race
Robert Dodge, MD, PSR board member, PSR Los Angeles, The Hill - Jan 24


The presidential candidate forums that presidential candidates did not attend
The Iowa City Press-Citizen - Jan 22
Features PSR Iowa forum


Candidates should participate in threats forum
Ben Otoadese, PSR Iowa, Des Moines Register - Jan 21


California, NASA Clash Over Cleanup at Nuclear, Rocket Site
Bloomberg Law - Jan 21
References comment letter submitted by PSR Los Angeles and other organizations


Protests Target a 'Carbon Bomb' Linking Two Major Pipelines Outside Boston
Inside Climate News - Jan 20
References report by Greater Boston PSR


LNG by Rail Comments
Chemical Facility Security News - Jan 18
References public comments submitted by PSR on PHMSA and LNG


California, NASA Clash Over Cleanup at Nuclear, Rocket Site
Bloomberg Environment - Jan 17
References comment letter to NASA co-signed by PSR Los Angeles and other organizations


TEP wants increase in rates for our electricity bills
Barbara Warren, MD, PSR Arizona, Arizona Daily Star - Jan 10

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