Electoral Reform Society Plus: How do Westminster elections compare?
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Dear Friend,

With the Government's Elections Bill returning to parliament next week, we have been working hard to stop this dangerous piece of legislation. 

Our policy and research work has broken down the government's plans, meeting with MPs and giving evidence to committees, to show just how weak their case for ID is - while giving a voice to the millions of voters who could be locked out of the ballot box. We've highlighted the damaging proposals in the press, (you can see a selection of recent coverage at the end of this email) leading calls for the government to stop and think again across the media. 

And we've been informing voters online about the risks of the Government's scheme, with blogs, adverts and social media.

Let’s stand up for democracy.

Thanks for your support,
The Electoral Reform Society team

Make no mistake voter ID will see legitimate voters turned away

Voter ID could breach fundamental rights, MPs warn

The latest blow to the government’s voter ID plans came this week when an influential cross-party group of MPs call on the government to think again over plans for photographic voter ID.

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It is clearer than ever that First Past the Post for UK general elections is an outdated anomaly

How do Westminster election results compare to those of devolved institutions?

This May, the sixth set of elections took place for each of the devolved institutions in the nations of Britain – the Scottish Parliament, Senedd Cymru (Welsh Parliament) and the London Assembly.

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The proposals could disenfranchise voters on an industrial scale

Voter ID: Thousands tell the government: “Hands off our vote”

Over 50,000 people have now signed the Electoral Reform Society’s petition urging ministers to scrap plans to impose mandatory voter ID – amid growing fears that millions of people could be locked out of democracy.

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Polling Station

Barriers to entry: How do electoral thresholds work?

A common feature of many Party List PR systems is an electoral threshold – a pre-set bar that parties have to reach if they want to win seats. The exact level at which the threshold is set varies from country to country. 

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