Flipping for dolphin protection and more campaign updates.
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Dear friend,

We have a huge win to share with you this month: South Africa will no longer breed captive lions, keep lions in captivity, or use captive lions or their derivatives commercially! Read more about this good news for lions.

South Africa to phase out captive lion breeding

Catch up on the latest updates from our campaigns:

Veterinarians, scientists and animal welfare organizations join our PetSmart campaign.

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KFC Canada has a responsibility to sign onto the Better Chicken Commitment.

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Flipping for dolphin protection:

As we begin to see international travel prepare to restart , we are putting a spotlight on the plight of captive dolphins. We have made history by phasing out dolphin cruelty in Canada but we must encourage other countries to do the same and we must encourage all Canadians to be responsible tourists when travel resumes.

Blog: Dolphins in captivity endure seven stages of suffering in their tragic lives

Over 3,000 dolphins are currently trapped in cruel captive conditions at tourist entertainment venues around the world. They can live for over 50 years in a deeply miserable cycle of suffering, all to profit the multibillion-dollar dolphin tourism industry.

Learn more about these majestic marine mammals

Photo credit: NOAA / Adam Li

Learn more with our dolphin facts and our ‘Behind the smile’ report. We break down why the dolphin entertainment industry must become dolphin-friendly and how it can be achieved.