Let's get Parkinson's care the funding it needs

Will you write to the Secretary of State to ask how much of the NHS backlog funding for England has been allocated to Parkinson’s care? Help us make sure that no more patients with Parkinson's are left behind.

We’re ready to make sure that our community has access to the best care, no matter who or where they are. We want to see a thriving NHS workforce, and access to the right treatments to keep people well all over the country. Will you join us?

There is no quick fix and the pressures of the pandemic have undoubtedly set us back. Patients have been left waiting for neurology referrals and life changing surgery. They’ve struggled to get their medication on time in hospital and haven’t been able to see their nurse or specialist in the way that they want to.

The UK Government has announced resources to address the backlog of care in the NHS in England. We have not had details of how that money will be spent. 

We want to know how and when people with Parkinson’s will have their needs met, after being patient  and doing their part to protect the NHS. 

Please write to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to ask how much of the backlog of care funding will be allocated to improve Parkinson’s care.