Help to tackle the nature and climate crisis by pledging to give up peat

Our new #forpeatssake campaign asks people to pledge to only use non-peat composts – if there’s one simple thing we can all do to help both climate and nature, it’s making sure peat stays wet and in the ground.  

And, the more we can show that people care, the better chance we have of persuading politicians to act with real urgency to ban the sale of peat in the UK.  

Peatlands are a really large store of carbon and their protection is vital in our fight against climate change. They are precious places for wildlife that are under threat globally. Around the world they are dug for peat, drained, and converted to farming and forestry, and they are burned.  

Here in the UK, there are many restoration projects that are working hard to put the life back in our precious peatlands, rewetting formerly degraded peat, locking in the carbon stored over millennia and making them once again bloom and buzz with life.  

But we need to do more, much more and quickly.  

How can I help? 

Peat is used widely as a garden compost and soil conditioner. Gardeners across the UK use 70% of horticultural peat with two thirds of the peat sold in the UK imported from the rest of Europe. This means peat users are contributing to destroying peatlands across the continent. 

Governments across the UK are looking into banning the sale of peat and we want to send a clear signal that these policies would have support from gardeners and nature lovers across the country. You can help us do this by taking these three simple steps through our #forpeatssake campaign: 

1. We would like you to pledge to stop using peat.  

2. Encourage your elected representatives to support banning the sale of peat.

3. Ask retailers who still sell peat products to stop and provide alternatives.