Nature nourishes us. It’s a simple, universal pleasure that should be available to everyone, everywhere.    

But it’s not.     

Lockdown restrictions have highlighted the importance to our health and wellbeing of being able to access green space – from local parks to the wider countryside – yet research shows just how difficult that is for millions of people across England.  

As the country opens up again, we need your help to ensure our green spaces and access to them are protected for future generations, so that more people can discover the joys of walking.

Sign the petition    

Everyone should have easy access to nature no matter where you live or your walk of life.   

Right now, the UK Government is passing key legislation in England relating to the environment and planning laws that will shape our local green spaces and access to the countryside for generations to come.  

Help us to show there’s popular support for ensuring everyone, everywhere can enjoy walking in nature by signing our petition.  


To UK Government:   

I believe that everyone, everywhere should be able to access nature. I urge you to make connecting people with nature a priority and to invest in the infrastructure that enables everyone to enjoy walking in nature.