What is ENCC-X?

For years, we have hosted our annual Engaging Networks Community Conference in five locations across the globe. These ENCCs would bring together our clients, partners, and staff to explore the Engaging Networks platform and all of the varied uses that the leading non-profits have for a robust eCRM.

ENCC-X is our Community Conference in digital form!

With this being our second year of digital events and our desire to continuously improve, we have been thinking about what is missing when we don't meet in-person. The main loss seems to be the connections and conversations that you get to have with your peers. So, we've decided to use ENCC this year to create a space for those connections and conversations

Alongside two days of online Case Studies and Product Workshops, we launch Community Conversations - a new participatory conference track, allowing our clients and partners to meet and learn from one another. Guided by our expert Facilitator, we take you through a series of workshop-style sessions on the topics that matter most to you. You’ll feel...almost...like you’re back in a pre-pandemic world. Join us!

Attendees will have the option to purchase a Conversations ticket or a General ticket.

  • Those that choose a Conversations ticket will be connected with 4-5 other attendees. You'll meet with this group during the break out sessions during the conference.
  • Instead, if you would like to simply attend the conference, hear the excellent case studies, and attend the product workshops, the General ticket is for you. 


Wednesday, October 6, 2021, we will be showcasing our client and partner Case-Studies. Like last year, there will be 2-3 presentations with a Q&A after each presentation followed by a 20 minute breakout session each hour.

Thursday, October 7, 2021, will be all about our Product Workshops. But, we wanted this to be more impactful. So, we will be using this day to tie in case-studies to the product with an opportunity for you to work on the ideas being presented with Engaging Networks experts.

Conversations General
You'll be grouped with 4-5 folks for breakout discussions
You'll just be attending the conference, no discussion group
Additional Donation