Tell Liz Truss - Hands Off British Council!

The British Council has announced that it would need to cut 15 – 20% of staff from the organisation over the next two years.

Formal redundancy consultation began on 05 July for English Teaching and Marketing - the first two areas that will face the axe. The other areas of British Council will follow soon.

British Council are also reducing the number of sites they have across the globe.

In addition to this, in 2020 the British Council was the only Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB) that did not pay its staff any kind of pay increase or pay award (bonus).

British Council staff were told “just be happy you have a job” and that job security was more important than pay. With the latest announcement, it is clear that further funding for the British Council is key, as both pay and jobs are under attack.

PCS has expressed its concerns that the British Council’s piecemeal approach to consultation is problematic as it does not allow us to see the bigger picture of the organisation’s future strategic plans or provide detail of how this will be achieved. 

If the UK government and the British Council continue with this approach there will be compulsory redundancies and office closures.

We need your support to call on the government and the employer to take action to stop the slash and burn approach they are taking, to protect the future of the British Council and its independence.

Please fill out the e-action below to send an email to Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss demanding that she take action to stop the cuts at the British Council.

You can find more about the campaign at the British Council here