Let's #CutTheClutter!

Poorly-placed bins and A-boards. Defunct phone boxes. Excessive signage. 

Street clutter can clog up our pavements and make it hazardous for people to get around.

No one needs it, so let’s remove it

Street clutter causes unnecessary obstructions, which are especially problematic for disabled people, those with buggies and older people. Sometimes it makes streets impossible for people to navigate on foot, pushing people dangerously into the road.

12-18 July 2021 is our Cut the Clutter Week of Action when you will be able to:

  • Chart the scale of the problem across the country using our interactive map
  • Call for local action today - while building the case for a more long-term solution tomorrow

Together we can open up our pavements and make them safer for everyone’s everyday journeys.

"I want clearer, safer pavements in my area so more people can choose to walk local journeys."

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