Tell Your MP To Prioritise Walking In Nature 

Whether it’s in a local park or a National Park, research shows that walking in green space makes us healthier and happier. Millions of us have found comfort in walking and nature since COVID-19 restrictions were introduced.  


However, the pandemic has highlighted how unequal access to green space is. Our report last year, ‘The grass isn’t greener for everyone: why access to green space matters’, showed that people on low incomes and those from a BAME background are less likely to have access to their own garden or live within a five-minute walk from green space. 


The Environment Bill returns to the House of Lords this month and we believe now is the time to be ambitious. We must put people and nature first and create places that make us happier, healthier and more connected. Amending the Environment Bill is a perfect opportunity to do that.


Please contact your MP today to ask them to write to the Government telling them it's not too late to amend the Environment Bill.


We want to see a requirement for legally binding long-term targets and plans to increase people's access to, and enjoyment of, the natural environment. Amending the Bill in this way would go a long way to meeting our aspiration that nobody lives more than five minutes’ walk from green space. 


Write to your MP

If you are in England, fill in your details below and we'll find your MP. Click 'continue' and you'll see a template letter - you can edit this letter if you wish, or simply send it off with just one click. If you are in Scotland, then you can find out more about our work to help more people enjoy Scotland's world-class landscapes and access rights here. If you’re in Wales, you can find out more about our work in your area here.

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