Take Action: Support T1D Students

Students living with type 1 diabetes have the right to fully participate in school without fear of exclusion and without putting their health and safety at risk. For this reason, JDRF is supporting the national Diabetes @ School coalition led by Diabetes Canada, the Canadian Paediatric Society, and the Canadian Pediatric Endocrine Group.

The coalition is calling for province-wide policies that address the day-to-day management of diabetes in schools, set out the roles and responsibilities of parents and school personnel, and establish emergency protocols. At present, four provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and PEI) and the three territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut) lack province-wide policies on diabetes in schools.

Without a comprehensive provincial policy, support for students with diabetes in schools is limited and inconsistent - which negatively impacts students’ health, safety and education. The lack of a policy to manage diabetes in schools leaves parents of students with type 1 largely on their own to find support for their child at school - resulting in a patchwork of inconsistent care. Implementing a policy would make it easier for parents to find and use the services their children need and stop parents from having to leave work in order to support their child at school. 

Province-wide policies, such as those in British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario and a number of Atlantic provinces, give parents much needed peace of mind that their child’s day-to-day and emergency needs are being addressed. They also help to ensure students with type 1 are able to fully participate in school-related activities without fear of exclusion or stigmatization.

Every province and territory should establish clear standards of care that school boards can follow to ensure the safety, health and education for all students with diabetes.

Please email your provincial representative today and urge him/her to send a letter to the Premier and the Minister of Education demanding a comprehensive policy that addresses the daily management and emergency needs of students with diabetes, and clarifies everyone's responsibilities when it comes to protecting children with type 1 at school. A policy that meets these goals would help make the classroom and school experience a positive one for all students.

Please add some brief details here about how the lack of a province-wide diabetes in schools policy has affected you or your child. (This text will be inserted in your letter to your provincial elected official to help personalize it.)