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Former guide dog owner Eric Sayce has not visited his local town centre alone since it was converted into a shared surface street over two years ago. Now he has written an open letter to the Department for Transport asking for change. Please use the form below to add your support to Eric's story.

We'll then deliver the letter to the Department with everyone's support and our key recommendations for the future of shared surfaces.

Eric's letter

Dear Minister,

My name is Eric Sayce, and I am visually impaired. I'm writing to let you know of the dangers of ‘shared surface’ streets thats are being created in town centres all over the country, including mine. Two years ago the main streets of my city were redesigned into a shared surface area and I haven’t been able to go in alone since.  

By removing kerbs and controlled crossings these spaces take away the things which help me and other people with sight loss to orientate ourselves. Without kerbs to know where the road is, and a crossing where you know that the cars are stopped, you don’t feel safe, and you’re not sure where you’re walking or where you are. 

As a result, I have lost my independence and my access to the things I used to enjoy. Shops, restaurants, pubs, and the theatre are all cut off to me because I can’t get there in safety. It’s isolated me. 

I and my fellow signatories urge you to stop people with disabilities being designed out of our own towns, by ensuring that no more shared surfaces are built until real and comprehensive accessibility guidance is produced for councils to follow, so that we can create streets that work for everyone.

Yours sincerely,
Eric Sayce

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