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Congress: Act Now to Strengthen Anti-Human Trafficking Programs

Every day, Polaris hears a new story of a victim of human trafficking who is being exploited in the U.S. In rural, suburban, and urban areas across the country, hundreds of thousands of people are trapped with the belief that no help is available.

The good news is that help does exist. Policymakers, task forces, service providers, activists, law enforcement officials and more are taking critical steps every day to fight human trafficking in our communities and restore freedom to survivors.

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act -- the seminal federal legislation on human trafficking -- is due for reauthorization this year. It is imperative that Congress move quickly to reauthorize this bill and continue the progress they’ve made for over fifteen years.

There has always been broad bipartisan support for programs that help victims and fight sex and labor trafficking and we’re eager for that to continue. Join us in calling on Congress to strengthen these policies and practices to get us one step closer to ending modern slavery.