Unite to fix care where you live

Families across the UK are struggling to pay for and to get the care they desperately need

Brian and his wife both have dementia. Their care workers – with high workloads and short visiting times – couldn’t give the support needed. Bowls of food were left to go mouldy; medicines left with only a note to remind Brian to take them himself.

Hundreds of thousands of people like Brian and his wife rely on a broken system of care. With no cure for dementia in sight, care is the only form of support people have.

Yet this neglect and denial of basic rights and dignity is happening right now. So is the injustice experienced by people with dementia compared to those with other conditions, who receive their care free on the NHS.

But you can help us stop this unfairness.

Unite with us and call on the next government to fix care now, for people affected by dementia today and for all of us who could be in the future.

Let’s make sure fixing dementia care and improving the lives of people living with dementia is a priority for the next government.

People have united to fix care where they live

I am uniting to fix care where I live. I demand a new system of care that:

  • Ends the unfairness of support between dementia and other conditions
  • Ends catastrophic costs for families forced to pay huge amounts for care
  • Upholds the rights people living with dementia have through health, care and equalities legislation

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