WEBINAR: Get Smart! The Easy Way to Find the Right eCRM

24 February 2021 at 1:00 PM EDT


Your eCRM isn’t working for your nonprofit organization. And lucky you - you aren’t a tech expert but you’re the one who needs to find decent options and make a recommendation. But where to look and how to choose? Can you move forward with confidence when you have so many blind spots?

Join Maureen Wallbeoff, nonprofit digital strategist and technology coach, and Eric Rubin, Director of Business Development at Engaging Networks, as they show you how to identify your requirements, get a useful demo, and talk turkey with your prospective software partners. Eric and Maureen will also give you tips to prepare for a smooth conversion.

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Speakers for this webinar

Marueen Wallbeoff, Owner and Consultant at MeetMaureen.com

Maybe you are struggling with legacy systems, or perhaps you just finished an implementation and things aren’t running as smoothly as you expected. Or you’re overwhelmed by the task of managing a technical project in addition to your day job. No matter what your particular situation is, chances are good that I’ve faced it too.

I’m here to help! More than seventeen years working inside nonprofit organizations, and another ten years leading a digital agency for nonprofits, has given me the insight and expertise to navigate the most challenging technology issues. We’ll make a success plan just for you.

Eric Rubin, Director of Business Development at Engaging Networks

I help nonprofits find digital solutions to grow their audience and raise more money. I lean on a theater background to tell stories, present ideas and build partnerships.

For the last 15 years I have managed programs in diverse sectors including refugee work, nonprofit technology, community organizing for clean energy and youth empowerment.