Call for nature's recovery by 2030

Nature is in freefall, and the UK is no exception. Despite Government ambitions to be a global leader, we're one of the most nature depleted countries in the world and our laws don't go far enough to address this. 

The Westminster Government recently promised a major change in our law to restore nature. But they have failed to deliver, proposing a weakly worded law that won't drive nature's recovery.

This is a huge missed opportunity to restore all the incredible native wildlife that we're losing at an alarming rate.

But there's hope, the law can still be changed.

Please join over 60 organisations in shouting from the rooftops that we need more for nature! Sign our petition to the Prime Minister for a legally binding target in the Environment Bill that WILL halt nature's decline in England by 2030.

We need your support. 

With your help England can be the first country in the world to put nature's recovery in law.

"Dear Prime Minister, 
Please make sure the Environment Bill sets a legally binding ‘State of Nature’ target to begin to reverse nature’s decline by 2030. 
I urge you to back this up with significant funding and a strong and independent Office for Environmental Protection that can enforce important targets like this and will hold current, and future Governments to account. We cannot tackle the nature and climate crisis without this crucial action."

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