Call for nature's recovery by 2030

The Prime Minister has called on world leaders to turn round nature’s decline by 2030. But there’s no commitment in law to do the same here at home. The Environment Bill is the last chance to set this right. 

By writing the recovery of nature into law, the Environment Bill could start to address the nature and climate crisis. But the current wording fails to reflect the ambition or urgency we need. 
We’re calling for a change to the Bill to strengthen the law. It would require the UK Government to set a legally binding target to reverse the loss of nature in England by 2030. 
This is serious. The most recent 'State of Nature Report' showed - once again - the need for urgent action. Almost half of UK wildlife is in long term decline and 15% of species are at risk of extinction.
Over 50 nature conservation groups have joined together to urge the Prime Minister to make sure this crucial change gets through. Will you join us?
Sign the petition to call on the Prime Minister to write the recovery of nature into the Environment Bill. We must act now! 

"Dear Prime Minister, 
Please make sure the Environment Bill sets a legally binding ‘State of Nature’ target to begin to reverse nature’s decline by 2030. 
I urge you to back this up with significant funding and a strong and independent Office for Environmental Protection that can enforce important targets like this and will hold current, and future Governments to account. We cannot tackle the nature and climate crisis without this crucial action."

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