Tell Canada to BAN Wildlife Poisons

Animal Justice and Wolf Awareness are calling on Health Canada to outlaw poisons used to kill wildlife in Canada. Strychnine and Compound 1080 are used in Alberta and Saskatchewan to kill animals such as wolves, coyotes, skunks, and black bears.

Strychnine and Compound 1080 cause extreme and prolonged suffering before killing their victims. Other animals, including endangered species, can then scavenge on the bodies of poisoned victims, leading to yet more pain and death throughout the ecosystem. This is not a responsible or effective way to protect farmed animals or caribou herds from natural predators.

Polling shows that 69% of Canadians agree that the risks posed by the use of these poisons to kill wildlife are unacceptable. Please take action now and tell Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos to end the cruel poisoning of wildlife such as wolves, coyotes, and black bears in Canada.

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