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Evidence has long shown that poor access to green space is bad for our health – physically and mentally – and that it widens the gap in health outcomes between the richest and poorest in society. But our recent report shows how COVID-19 brought these inequalities into sharp focus.

The value of being able to go for a walk, connect with nature and de-stress, hit home. Access to green spaces meant having somewhere to take the kids, exercise, hear the birds and feel part of the local community. Only 57% of adults questioned for our report told us they lived within five-minutes’ walk of green space – be it a local park, nearby field or canal path. It’s also true that our most deprived communities are less likely to have green space close to home and more likely to live outside the catchment area of nationally important green space, like our National Parks.

We believe that everyone, everywhere should have easy access to high quality green spaces close to where they live (defined as within a five-minute walk from home).

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