It's Time To Ban Pavement Parking

It’s clear that pavement parking is one of the major barriers to walking in residential areas and we believe it should be banned. It is dangerous and presents a risk to walkers, particularly those with mobility or sight problems or those who are walking with children.

Keeping pavements free from vehicles will create safer, more accessible streets and encourage everyone to walk more, increasing the benefits individuals and communities get from walking.

This summer, the Department for Transport launched a consultation on tackling pavement parking in England which closes on Sunday November 22nd.

  • We believe that the national prohibition should apply on all public roads, and on both pavements and verges. Ensuring the ban includes parking on verges is particularly important as they can often provide safer places than roads for people to walk.
  • As part of the consultation the UK Government are asking for views on a proposal for a 20 minute parking exemption for deliveries. Pedestrian safety should be prioritised over convenience for motorists. An exemption of this sort would be widely open to abuse and would weaken any messaging to the public that pavement parking is against the law. As a result, we oppose this proposal.

We only have until 22nd November to make our case to the Government.

Please follow the instructions below to add your voice to the growing number who want to make our roads safer for walking.  

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