Reset the Debt - email your MP now

Since the beginning of lockdown, an estimated six million people in the UK have fallen behind on one or more household bills, with poorest households hit the hardest.


This is an urgent problem that demands a solution. That’s why we’re asking the Chancellor to create a Jubilee Fund, to pay off and cancel unavoidable Covid debt for households in the UK.


Read our report and explore the #ResetTheDebt website


You can help. Write to your MP today, and ask them to write to the Chancellor.

We need to:

  • Raise these concerns about Covid-19 household debt and its impact on the poorest families.
  • Find out how the government intends to address this urgent problem.

We need to make sure everyone has a stable platform from which to face the future. Add your voice to call on the UK Government to #ResetTheDebt.

Reset The Debt is coordinated by Church Action on Poverty and the Joint Public Issues Team.

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