Act Now: Stop arresting lifesaving 'Good Samaritans'!

In 2015, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott vetoed "Good Samaritan" legislation, under which a person could not be prosecuted if, when an overdose occurs, they call 911, stay until authorities arrive, and cooperate with police. Help us convince him to change his mind!

Abbott's veto sends a message that Texas would rather drug users die than forego the chance of prosecuting someone. That is unacceptable.

When Gov. Abbott's veto was announced, a newspaper headline read, "Abbot to drug overdosers: Drop dead." In the year he vetoed the bill, 2,588 Texans died of overdoses, according to the Centers for Disease Control.  That's almost double the number of murders in Texas that year!

Now, Gov. Abbott has an opportunity to rectify this mistake. Rep. Ryan Guillen has re-filed the bill, now HB 73, and if the governor would get behind it, it stands a great chance of passing this year. But the governor still hasn't said what changes would need to be made to support the bill, and the legislative clock is ticking.

Tell Gov. Greg Abbott to back off opposition to Texas' Good Samaritan law and work with the author of HB 73 to find acceptable language. Learn more about this topic.

Take action today to protect lives and reduce unnecessary overdose deaths!

Take Action: Help prevent overdose deaths

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