Say 'No' to Ag Gag Laws in Manitoba!

Manitoba is considering new "ag gag"-style laws that would make it even more difficult to expose animal cruelty at farms and slaughterhouses, as well as workplace safety violations and public health risks. It would also restrict rights to peacefully protest outside of slaughterhouses near trucks transporting animals to slaughter.

Manitoba's proposal would be dangerous for farmed animals, workers, and public health. It could also be an unconstitutional violation of individuals’ right to freedom of expression.

Animal welfare on farms is not regulated or overseen by the government, which is why undercover exposés are one of the only ways to expose animal abuse in the meat industry. Whistleblower footage has led to animal cruelty charges and convictions at facilities across Canada. Shining a public spotlight on the treatment of farmed animals has also fueled important public debate about animal use practices and food safety, leading to key policy changes.

Tell Manitoba that there should be more transparency in the meat industry, not less!

Tell Manitoba to Protect Animals Instead of Covering Up Farm Cruelty

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