The number of women expected to get breast cancer in her lifetime: 1 in 8
The number of women expected to be diagnosed with MBC in her lifetime: Unknown

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in for women globally, yet we don’t know how many people receive a stage 4, metastatic diagnosis each year. Why? Simply because the data is not being collected.

Most cancer registries around the world collect information about initial cancer diagnosis and mortality but do not document recurrences, which represent the majority of Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) cases.

Without this data, we cannot understand MBC. Who are these women? How long do they live? How many are under the age of 50? What is their experience?

It’s not okay. We all deserve more accurate and inclusive data about MBC.


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We need to #makeMBCcount...  

  • By counting how many women find out the cancer has recurred or spread becoming metastatic
  • By including women with MBC in research studies, when it’s clinically appropriate (excluding women with MBC does not help us learn more or do better)
  • By amplifying the unique needs and concerns of women with MBC that are often not counted or considered against a sea of pink ribbons
What can you do to make #makeMBCcount? The first step is to be an MBC Ally. Here's how 👇
  1. Sign the pledge above - click here 
    Once you’ve signed, educate and encourage friends and family to become Allies too and increase the strength of our collective voices.
  2. Stay connected so you can take action when the community needs you
    Follow MBC issues on Rethink’s social channels and answer the call to share information, sign a petition or stand up for women with MBC – like making noise about the need to #makeMBCcount
  3. Show courage and compassion
    Listen to, learn from and follow their lead on how you can support them. And while it may raise fears of recurrence or of losing them someday, be brave with us.

The Allies Pledge

  • I pledge to be an MBC Ally to help drastically improve the lives, clinical outcomes and survival of women with metastatic breast cancer.
  • I pledge to recruit my friends to be Allies by sharing on social.
  • I pledge to educate myself and my community about MBC by consuming and sharing content.
  • I pledge to stay informed, committed, compassionate and ready to take action when called upon.
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