Nature is in crisis. Join our campaign and demand legally binding targets to Revive our World.

In 2020 the importance of having nature in our lives has never been clearer, but the crisis facing nature is huge. So huge that our wellbeing, our economic future, and our very survival depend on the choices we make now. If everyone works together, we have time to turn it around. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone. We need politicians with the power to make big changes to help us build the world we want to live in.

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How are we going to make a better future?

There are four things that will make the biggest difference to reversing the declines in UK wildlife and creating a sustainable future for us all. Add your voice to this campaign and get us a step closer to securing targets for nature’s recovery. We are calling for...

Green spaces for people and nature

Laws that protect wildlife and green space for people and nature.

Bumble bee

Farming practices and food production that’s also good for the environment.

Power station

Global agreements committed to solving the climate and nature crisis.

Sustainable transport

An economic recovery that prioritises green jobs, infrastructure and sustainability.

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Sign the petition and join the campaign

As a first step please sign the petition to say you want targets to revive our world. Every voice that’s added will be used to show political leaders across the UK the strength of the public’s call for action.

We'll then let you know about more opportunities to push governments on big decisions for nature over the coming months.

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