"Services that support our youngest children and their families are being fragmented, hollowed out or cut, with children’s centres closing at a rate of 1 every week.

The Government must take urgent action to address this disappearing system in order to have any chance of fulfilling their commitment to give every child the best start in life."


Urge the Chancellor to act on child poverty

In the UK, over 4 million children are growing up poor. And now, the coronavirus crisis means that many more could be at risk of being swept into poverty

During the height of the pandemic, to help struggling families, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak, announced temporary financial support such as increasing Universal Credit by £20 per week. This support is helping children and families keep their heads above water.

But if this lifeline is removed, children could sink further into poverty. 

The Chancellor must stop this from happening. Sign the petition calling on him to ensure this lifeline continues.


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Dear Chancellor, 

4.2 million children in the UK live in poverty. This is unacceptable.

The government provided much needed support during the pandemic such as increasing Universal Credit by £20 per week. With this support due to end soon, this lifeline will be pulled away from families and their children who urgently need it. 

We're calling on you to maintain this financial support, so that children and their families don't sink into poverty. 


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