I ddarllen yn Gymraeg, cliciwch yma.

Watch our new animation on food and farming and find out what you can do for nature!

We need to hold Welsh Government accountable and demand good policies for nature. Now is the time to join the RSPB as a Campaign Champion.

Nature continues to decline around us and we are engaging people in new ways to fight for wildlife and nature.The RSPB is determined to do everything it can to save nature and our campaigners are a very important part of this.

During this Green Recovery Wales virtual festival, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the myriad of ways in which investing in nature can help us protect our countryside and environment, the economy and the jobs market, to build a resilient, nature-rich Wales. However, this won’t count for much unless we can use our collective power to demand commitments from politicians and hold them accountable.

We are at the start of an important journey to a green recovery in Wales. In fact, we have an open e-action to demand that Welsh Government puts nature and the environment at the heart of our recovery.

Given the importance of the May 2021 Welsh elections, we need to build a movement with the power to shape debates and demand commitments from politicians across the political spectrum.

Even if you’ve not engagedwith the RSPB in the past, or if you are a a member, a volunteer, a reserve visitor, or a staff member – now is a great time to commit to doing more to help achieve the political change we need to see.

By being an RSPB campaigner, you will get regular updates about the political work we do, opportunities to engage in our work, to be our extended voice for nature outside of the RSPB as well as helping to shape the future of our campaigns.

We need to be a collective voice for nature, telling those in power that it’s their responsibility to make the changes we need to create a healthier and more prosperous world for ourselves and for the future generations.

Follow this link to go through to the RSPB Campaign Champion sign-up.

Because if not you, who? If not now, when?

#WeNeedNature #GreenRecovery