In Honour of Regan: Repeal Ag Gag & Protect All Animals

On June 19, 2020, animal advocate Regan Russell was violently run over and killed by a truck bringing pigs to slaughter at the notorious Fearmans Pork slaughterhouse in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Regan was peacefully standing on public property when she was killed, attending a Toronto Pig Save vigil to offer water and comfort to pigs in the final moments of their lives. The police are still investigating her heartbreaking death.

Regan had been a kind yet fiercely courageous animal advocate since the 1970s. She was deeply passionate about fighting all forms of injustice, and supported Black Lives Matter, indigenous rights, gender equality, and environmental justice.

Regan was killed just two days after Ontario passed Bill 156, "ag gag" legislation designed to cover up animal abuse at farms, during transport, and in slaughterhouses. The law specifically targets peaceful slaughterhouse vigils like the one Regan was attending. Animal Justice intends to challenge Bill 156 in court, because it puts animals at risk and has already emboldened the meat industry to declare open season on peaceful animal advocates like Regan.

In her last Facebook post, Regan denounced ag gag laws. She understood the power of the law to help animals, and often held signs at protests demanding legal protections for all animals. Please help honour Regan by adding your name in support of repealing Bill 156, and passing laws to protect farmed animals like the innocent pigs she was trying to help. 

Petition: Repeal Ag Gag Laws & Protect Farmed Animals

Help keep Regan's legacy alive. Add your name to the petition to repeal dangerous ag gag laws, and bring in legal protections for the millions of farmed animals Regan spent her life fighting to help.