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School gates need more space for social distancing
Ask your council to take action

Our schools have to be safe for staff, pupils and families - and this includes the streets around them. So it is vital that our councils consider removing motor traffic from outside school gates.

Use this form to email your council - let's make it happen

"School streets" schemes are being recommended by the UK government to make it easier for people to walk and maintain a two-metre distance when more schools reopen. Travelling actively by walking (or cycling) will help to protect us as we go back to work, carry out other essential journeys and stay fit during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Living Streets has identified a range of tools at councils' disposal. As well as 'school streets', councils can introduce controlled parking zones, 20mph speed limits ​and modal filters (to prevent rat-running) - outside schools and in our neighbourhoods to help us all with physical distancing.

Our online letter writing tool allows your to contact your local councillors and tailor the letter to your school’s needs.

Find out how to get parents and schools involved too - download our School Streets toolkit here

Ask your local councillors to take action

1. Give us some details so we can address your letter and work out who your councillors are

2. Tell us a school or a street where you think this is a problem