Ask your council to provide more safe space for walking

Under the current Covid-19 guidance, it is vital that we are able to take our permitted daily exercise safely. It is also important that keyworkers are able to travel safely.

This means maintaining at least two metres between one another - but on some of our streets, our pavements just aren't wide enough.

Already we are seeing councils across the country change street structures and enforcement procedures, and allocate road space for safer walking and cycling.

The UK, Scottish and Welsh governments have all indicated additional funding for walking infrastructure for our councils to spend.

We need to ask all our councils to use these funds to achieve the greatest breadth of benefits, whether they filter or close roads to motor traffic, widen pavements, create low-traffic neighbourhoods or protect safe access to green space and nature.

Write to your council today!

Use our template letter on the next page. Draw your councillors' attention to the benefits of making space for walking and cycling right now.

1. First of all, please give us some details so we can address your letter and work out who your councillors are