Stop U.S. support for corruption and abuse in Honduras

Can you take two minutes today to call upon your member of Congress to act and end the murder of environmental activists in Honduras?

Over 120 Hondurans have been killed since 2010 for protesting against the theft or destruction of their land, forests or rivers, making it the most dangerous place on Earth to be an environmental activist. See the full Global Witness investigation

Nonetheless, in 2016 tens of millions of U.S. aid dollars went to the Honduran police and military, which are behind some of the worst attacks. The US continues to promote investment in precisely those industries which local communities are opposing. 

The U.S. government should help bring an end to this bloody crackdown. You can help make this happen.

Congress is preparing a letter to incoming Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, calling on him to change the government’s approach to Honduras and do more to support local activists and promote human rights.

You can stand beside these courageous community leaders by urging your Representative to sign on to the letter and call for an end to the violence. The more signatories to the letter, the more impact it will have.

You must give a valid U.S. address to complete this action. If you're not a U.S. resident, see other ways to support the campaign here