Tell your next mayor:
Put walking first

From climate change and air pollution, to public health and road safety, London faces a number of crises as it heads to the polls this May.

All of these call for a reduction in car dominance - and a focus on investing in walking.

The next Mayor of London should make walking a priority, and put together an ambitious programme to make our city safer and more walking-friendly.

Ask the candidates to back our five-point Manifesto for Walking which calls on the next mayor to ensure:

  1. People on foot feel relaxed and safe
  2. People can cross the road safely
  3. The climate emergency is prioritised and people can breathe cleaner air
  4. Families choose to walk to school
  5. People feel that walking is an easy option


Live in Greater London?
Email your candidates 

We have prepared a letter for you to send to the mayoral candidates which you can see and amend on the next page.

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