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Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh have a right to education 

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Good news! The Bangladesh government has announced it will offer schooling and skills training opportunities to Rohingya refugee children and youth! 
Please continue to press the Canadian government to support Bangladesh in realizing this vision by sending a message now.​

Nearly one million Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, fled their homes in Myanmar because of actions by the country’s security forces, many of which amount to crimes against humanity. 

Almost half a million Rohingya children, growing up in the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, are at the risk of becoming a lost generation without access to an education that can potentially equip them to claim their rights and contribute to the society and economy they live in.  

The refugee influx has adversely impacted the local economy, where cost of living has increased by five to seven times, skilled teachers have left schools and students have dropped out in Cox’s Bazar for employment opportunities offered by NGOs operating in the Rohingya camps. All of this has affected the continuity of education for children in the host community. 

The consequence of these children growing up without access to education is to risk a life of poverty and exploitation including, in some cases, through serious criminal activity such as drug smuggling, child trafficking or recruitment into violent armed groups. 

Canada must proactively engage with Bangladesh to educate both Rohingya and host community children who have been affected by the refugee influx. 

Canada must proactively engage with Bangladesh to educate both Rohingya and host community children who have been affected by the refugee influx. 

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