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Alzheimer's Society are calling for £8bn to be invested into the social care system in this spring's Budget on 11 March, with £2.65bn of that spent on people affected by dementia. This will help to stabilise the system, and improve the devastating financial and emotional impact faced by people affected by dementia when accessing care.

If we can stabilise the care system now, we can begin to reform it for the future and the increasing number of people with dementia who will need it.

We are asking supporters to write to their MP, asking them to get in contact with the Treasury to let them know how important it is to prioritise social care funding in the upcoming budget. The more people who email their MP, the more the Treasury will realise how vital this issue is to people up and down the country.

Together, we will #FixDementiaCare

We are standing with people affected by dementia. Will you stand with us?


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